Hello New Adventure

Hello dear and a warm welcome to my blog.

This is my first post ever and I would like to tell you something about me and my reason for doing what I am doing here.

As a passionate photographer, traveller, nature lover, and curious human being, I hope to take you with me on my explorations of the Earth’s abundance and maybe reveal new angles, perspectives, conversations, and views. Foremost, it is my honour to share my words and photographs and if they touch your heart, it will fill mine.

I take photographs since a young age and started to travel for real when I was 21 years old, exploring my dream continent Down Under for three months. As you can imagine, it was then when I got the travel fever and caught the explorer’s virus. Since then I travel to different countries, landscapes, cultures, and natural wonders. As a biologist, I am drawn to experience the beauty, uniqueness and awesomeness of all living creatures with all my senses, be it near or far.

I am based in Switzerland but really feel my itchy feet tweaking. So I am not quite sure for how long still. You can expect me writing about present and past adventures, encounters, discoveries, and unforgettable moments. I am one of those humans who stop wherever and whenever to enjoy a sunset sky, to observe a wild bee pollinating a flower, to stand in awe when I see birds for the first time in spring after they have returned from their winter residence areas. Maybe it is important to add that at home I am mainly out and about on a bicycle or on foot. And by public transport. You are right when you think that I can hardly just stop in that case. I still often watch out the window and enjoy the things I see for the split seconds I do. And it is in trains, very often while commuting, that I start a conversation with a stranger. I would also like to share stories with you that are written in those twenty to thirty minutes. Just last week I got to know Kendra. She is on the same train as me every morning and originally comes from the United States. Love brought her to Switzerland, as so many others. She thought Swiss people do not know High German so well – as you may know, our mother tongue is Swiss German, which is quite different when it comes to pretty much everything from pronunciation over vocabulary to grammar. To her surprise, I introduced myself as a Swiss AND German teacher :-). We started out in English. But who knows where this will take us. I will see her again on weekdays.

I am looking forward to this new adventure of blogging, but I am also a bit nervous about where this special journey will take me, what I will learn, how my readers will feel, what I will feel, who I will meet, how my blog will be perceived. Letting go of control and surrender to what is to come is a big lesson for sure, and a good one. I want to show up now and follow my heart’s desire to share my photographs and stories, for they could touch somebody out there. And I know they already do. So it is worth it to at least try this. The urge to share became so strong lately that I wrote WhatsApp messages to my dear soulsister whenever I felt I wanted to share a view or a moment, which happens much more often, and it finally dawned to me that I could actually now do this for a bigger audience, who might be interested in this as well. I am ready.

So here I am plunging headlong into this new adventure and looking forward to the journey and being in contact with YOU my dear readers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here!

With love,


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  1. Liebe Daniela
    erstaunt berührt freudig lese ich von deinem neuen Experiment. Betrachte deine Bilder, lese die wunderbar leicht fliessenden Texte, da ist ein Erstaunen welch kreative, sprachgewandte Qualitäten ich von dir entdecken darf. Es erfreut und öffnet mein Herz, ich bewundere deinen Mut und danke dir für dein Teilen der Inspiration, die du mir damit schenkst, aus deiner Herzensfreude, Erfahrungen, Begegnungen und Beobachtungen. Ich wünsche dir viele interessante Kontakte mit all den Menschen deren Seele mit deinem ” Lady Bird” Experiment berührt werden.
    Frohe Ostern spannende Entdeckungen in der Natur und mit Menschen wünsche ich dir.

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    1. Liebe Monika
      Ich danke dir von Herzen für deine allerliebsten Worte. Wie wundervoll, dass dich meine Kreativität und meine Geschichten heute berührt haben. Das ist ein grosses Geschenk für mich!
      Ich wünsche dir auch ganz heiteres Schoggihasenohren „schnousen“ :0).


  2. Silvia Boesch says:

    Liebi Daniela
    Ich bin begeistert – die Bilder sind der Hammer, wunderschön und berührend!
    Und den Oeschinensee habe ich auch schon entdeckt 🙂

    Ich wünsche Dir viel Freude, Inspiration und gutes Gelingen mit deinem neuen Projekt – freue mich schon auf weitere Einträge…

    Liebi Grüess u ä gueti Zyt, Silvia

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    1. Liebe Silvia
      Herzlichen Dank für deine wunderbare Rückmeldung! Ich freue mich sehr, dass du hier bist und dich meine Bilder berühren. Ein so schönes Geschenk.
      Ganz herzlich


  3. Wow, your blog looks absolutely fabulous on first sight. I will dive deeper soon… All the best, hugs michael (uschi‘s seminar)

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    1. Dear Michael
      Thank you so much, very kind of you 🤩!
      Warmest regards and a big hug back to YOU


  4. Tushar says:

    Looks like you are an avid traveler. will definitely be waiting to see more from you. Please keep sharing, ‘bird’ !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tushar 🌟


  5. Ogechi says:

    Woowww this is a very beautiful one, cant wait to see more of your write up and photographs. Nice work LadybirdEarth.


    1. Thank you heaps Ogechi, so kind of you!


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