African Hair Style

As you may know, I am a keen traveller and actually have itchy feet in this very moment. But I am lucky to have the world or at least parts of it in my classroom. So I learn bits and pieces of other languages, cultures, dos and don’ts while working.

What do you learn at work?

The first word I normally want to learn from people with different mother tongues than me is thank you followed by hello. I remember many moments when I opened doors and hearts by just simply saying one of these words in their language. I also still see the smiling faces, mine included. The latter I rather feel than see, though ;-).Today, I’d like to share a story that happened to me in November last year. We were in our morning German course and took a break for thirty minutes as we do every morning. Probably caught in my thoughts, I opened the door to the bathroom and found myself in an African hairdresser’s salon.

Now, two ladies of my class were busy getting a new hair style. To be more precise, one of them played the role of the hairdresser and the other one was her client. Just like that during break time. Adding here that she is not a hairdresser by profession, no, she worked in the banking sector. I actually wonder whether every African woman just knows how to do this. A question I still have to get an answer for. Anyway, I was giddy with pleasure and asked whether I could take photos of this unusual yet so wonderful scene in a Swiss school’s bathroom. I ran to get my phone and took the images you see today.

Hairdressers 1
What a surprise to find these two ladies working on hair styles in the bathroom :0)!

Hair styles are important for all of us, aren’t they? But the way African women change their hair sometimes leaves me breathless. It can happen that I look surprised at someone entering the classroom on Monday morning because her style is so very different. From braids to a style with full hair (do you know what I mean?) over the weekend. I wish I could look completely different from time to time almost over night. I can, but it then has to stay for a while as the hair has to grow back first. It is obviously not possible for me to just quickly change the way I look every other week.

I found some history of African Women’s Hairstyle you might be interested in.

After all, Ogechi – the lady getting her hair done – told me that my hair is sought-after in Nigeria and that I really could earn good money there with it. So I might let it grow even longer before I travel to the African continent again!

Hairdressers 2
Such a unique headdress this is going to be and it was so much fun to watch it happening. I am sure you can imagine the fun and laughter we had. No sound or video needed as a picture is worth a thousand words.
Hairdressers 3
Yes, that is right, Firehiwot – the hairdresser – is using filament to keep these little balls of hair together and put them in place. Otherwise she has her fingers and a comb to work with. It is an exact science, though. Do you see the squares? Looks like a map of New York City.

The two did not manage to finish it during the break, but almost. I would say about three quarters of Ogechi’s head now consisted of these cute hair balls. No need to say that I wanted to touch them. This is surely what you thought yourself “Oh, how I wish I could touch the screen and see how this feels?” Am I right?

You guess it, they are very fluffy.

After class, Firehiwot finished her work and Ogechi was one happy woman. Me too.

Hairdressers 4
Two in One: New headdress and some German learnt as well :0)!

And I took away some learnings, too. First, you can have your hair done in an almost public bathroom. Second, you can weave filament into your hair. Third, forty-five minutes are enough to look different. Fourth, I like how that hair feels. Fifth, surprise and fun awaits you where you would never expect it.

Finally, I have to admit, that to this day I did not know how to say thank you in the mother tongue of these two. I asked Firehiwot before, but Amharic (a language spoken in Ethiopia) is very difficult for me and I need to see it written in order to really memorize it which I never asked for. But today, I did. Ogechi speaks English as one of her mother tongues, that is why I never thought of asking her. But her mother tongue is also Igbo.

So here we go, you two lovely ladies: Ameseginalehu and Ndewo from the bottom of my heart for letting me be there with you, taking pictures, and sharing this wonderful story here with my readers.

By the way, Ogechi and Firehiwot gave both birth to baby girls lately. They are all doing well and looking gorgeous as their mothers do. I send love your way. Enjoy every moment of this precious time!

I feel thankful. Also for you dearest readers. Thank you for coming back to my site and being here today!

Danke, Merci, Grazie, Gracias, Webale muno, Imelaa, Dankie, Ameseginalehu, Ndewo, Mamnun, Shukran, Thanks, Cheers, Tangi, Aio, Kea leboga.

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  1. Ogechi says:

    Wooowww this is so amazing. Great work indeed. LadybirdEarth tou rock.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ogechi, thank you so very much 😊. I am happy that you love it 🤩😍🤩


  2. Danielle Baumgartner says:

    Gracias, querida Daniela, einmal mehr so eine schöne Geschichte! Du erlebst ja tolle Sachen in deinem Berufsalltag und weisst dem Moment und den Menschen die Bedeutung zukommen zu lassen, die ihm/ihnen zusteht. Quiero más!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😍😊🤩 Muchas gracias, liebe Danielle! Wie wundervoll, deinen Kommentar zu lesen, ich bin ganz berührt. Merci tuusig 😘😘😘.


  3. Mädi says:

    Liebe Daniela🌸

    Ich habe mir heute Morgen ganz Bewusst die Zeit genommen um endlich wieder mal zu lesen… ja um von Lady Bird zu lesen…
    Ich liege auf dem Liegestuhl neben mir meinen Latte Macchiatto und geniesse es…
    Ich habe gerade jetzt den African Hairstyle gelesen und ich bringe mein Lächeln auf meinem Lippen gar nicht mehr weg.
    Am liebsten wäre ich auch bei euch gewesen und hätte mir auch so eine tolle Frisur machen lassen;-)
    Ich fühle beim lesen diese Stimmung die ihr in diesem Schul-Badezimmer hattet, die Freude, den Spass und einfach so ein tolles und spontanes Erlebnis zu haben.

    Danke liebe Lady Bird für all deine wunderschönen Geschichten, Erlebnisse, Fotos, Eindrücke die du mit uns teilst😍😍

    Nun mache ich mir nochmals einen Latte Macchiatto und freue mich auf die nächsten Geschichten, da ich noch einiges nachzuholen habe, aber dafür kann ich es heute so richtig geniessen❤️

    Herzlichst Mädi💐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela says:

      Carissima Mädi
      So schön, wie du dich einrichtest, um ein bisschen Seite an Seite mit dem Lady Bird zu fliegen 🤩. Ganz herzlichen Dank, dass du dir dafür Zeit nimmst und meine Bilder, Geschichten und Erlebnisse geniesst. Was für ein Geschenk für mich!
      Ja, es war einfach wunderbar, in dieser Unterrichtspause kurz in eine ganz andere, farbenfrohe und stylische Welt abzutauchen 😍.
      Auf weitere Höhenflüge, grazie tuusig fürs Mitfliegen 😘😘😘.


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