Behind the camera

Good day dear reader, thank you for being here, for coming back and following my blog. How are you today?

I feel humbled by the beautiful feedback and comments I am getting. Thank you so much! Since I also receive so wonderful words about my photography, I thought to take you behind the camera. Maybe it is a cliché, but for me it is true: I am rarely in front of the camera, and I do prefer to be behind it.

Sometimes, though, my husband succeeds in taking a shot whilst I am taking pictures or I took one where I also appear. From time to time, I even ask for it being taken, because it needed to be on camera :0).

Small things and flowers are definitely something I am drawn to. This then may look like this:

My camera is as often in my hands as possible. The first two of the following pictures are from a few years back when I was still using a Minolta taking pictures on film. Can you believe it? The last one is with my today’s baby, the DSLR Nikon.

Often I go down low…

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel
Going down low for a sand-loving insect in the Valais/Switzerland. Many years ago I did the field work for my Master thesis here. So I know the ground temperature must be around 60 degree Celsius. Oh yes, this is hot, but I can’t withstand these beautiful beetles.

And even more so, I go up…

Lady Bird behind the camera-9
Trying to get a good perspective of the Cockburn Range in the Kimberleys/Australia.
ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel
Why not using the full height of the car? This is in the pure wilderness of the Boteti river in Botswana. A huge zebra herd along with wildebeest and vultures were gathering where they could find some water. 
ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel, Switzerland
A winter frame from Switzerland sitting on a chairlift in Kandersteg up to Oeschinensee. The pictured wooden chairlift where you would sit sidewards instead of forward does not exist anymore. Nowadays, you get to the scenic Alpine lake by cable car.

Some fun ones. Kangaroos came so close where we pitched tent in the Kosciuszko National Park in Australia that we needed proof of the happening ;0). And while preparing a cup of coffee after climbing Big Daddy in Sossuslvei/Namibia, the idea with the kettle came to my mind.

Shadows are a very easy way to have me in the picture. If it is along the ocean, it is even better of course, because it means sandy feet!

I get to relax, too. Many of my photos I take while travelling, driving long distances on huge continents, hiking up mountains and/or spending time in hot climates.

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel
Relaxing is part of the job. Surrounded by green makes it so much more recreational. Just lay down and take a nap.
ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel
After a day of taking many photographs, observing wild African animals, driving slowly through the pristine Kalahari in Botswana, this is how our day normally ends. 

I hope you enjoyed to see me behind the camera.

Have a good one and see you soon!

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  1. Seeing you like this makes me really happy… in action, in the middle of nature, fully embracing your true self, leaning in, exploring all perspectives and making the most of them, behind the camera and at the same time being one with it… that’s why your beautiful photographs breathe your unique spirit.
    Thank so much for sharing your adventures and these personal peeks behind your camera.
    Love, Alexandra

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela says:

      Awww, dearest Alexandra, you are so very welcome! I thank YOU for your warmest words 🙏🏼.
      The photos truly represent places I feel deeply at home and at ease.
      Big hug 😘


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