Greetings from St-Ursanne

I just spent a wonderful time in a region of Switzerland I did not know very well so far, the Canton of Jura. It is a french-speaking canton bordering France in its west.

We were based in a rebuilt barn at the end of a winding road leading through a forest up in the hills surrounded by forests, meadows, and cows.

Here is just a little greeting from the village the barn politically belongs to – St-Ursanne. Rest assured to see more of the region soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. hansruedi says:

    Hallo Daniela ich hoffe Euch zwei gefällt es gut im Kanton Jura, ? wie hoch über Meer liegt
    Euer windiges Domiziel, seit Ihr sehr abgelegen auf einem einsamen Bauernhof,?
    was meinst Du mit ( rebuilt barn ) und (meadows ) kenne ich nicht.
    seit Ihr selbst versorger / ( Milch, Käse, Fleisch,Gemüse, etc ) wie habt Ihr Wetter letzte Woche, auch starke Gewitter,?. elg Dady

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    1. Daniela says:

      Sälü Daddy, ich habe dir deine Fragen grad per whatsapp beantwortet.
      Liebe Grüsse


  2. How beautiful I would love to visit there some day!

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    1. Daniela says:

      Thank you! Just wait for the post about the surroundings…. I am still taken aback by it.

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      1. Can’t wait!

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      2. Daniela says:

        I hope you found the time to see the lush sourroundings. Pictures and videos are online now: Loved your fruit bowl, so colourful! Have a sunny day.

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      3. Thank you and your photos are so beautiful!

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