Vitamin SEA

Do you remember when I wrote I did not plan to sit at Playa de Famara/Lanzarote this year in my story Sandy Feet back in March? Well, I was wrong :0)!

In June, I spent a week there with my soulsister. Hooray! I felt the effectiveness of the ocean once more and I love to share some ocean vibes with you here. But first of all, I am very curious to hear: What does the ocean mean for you?

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I talked about nature being my pharmacy and medicine in Under a tree. The ocean perfectly fits into that as my vitamin SEA. Water is actually my life elixier. Whenever I take a swim in the ocean or any other natural water body I feel completely free and a profound freedom spreads out in my body. I become calm, my mind quiet, and I fully indulge in the very moment.The waves somewhat symbolise the breath of Mother Earth for me coming and going in a rhythm I so enjoy observing. It makes me feel as that little part of the whole natural world I actually am as a human being. The beach you see in the picture above may look inviting, but in truth it is only a beach at low tide. High tide makes the waves crash into the volcanic boulders that lie behind me in the photograph and swimming is not allowed at all times as the surf and water are very dangerous here.

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel, Lanzarote

Have a listen, if you like:

We sat there until the high tide came in… that was for several hours :-).

Blog 17 Vitamin SEA-7
Here she is, one happy woman. Well, we were actually two :0).

Guess what? We had a heck of a time and it is fair to say that Alexandra fell in love with the island almost immediately. Didn’t you, dearest? Since I already know the island well, but it was the first – certainly not the last – time for her, I asked what she could not go back home without having seen, done, smelled, felt? Her answer: A walk along Playa de Famara. Oh, that was a very easy one to fulfill :-). Our first day was spent exactly there after a rainy and very cloudy start in the morning. Playa de Famara and the Risco did deliver, as always, and clouds made for the wow factor.

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel, Lanzarote
Risco de Famara with a table cloth
ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel, Lanzarote
Happy soulsisters at Playa de Famara. Muchísima gracias querida hermana de corazón!

So our main “goal” for the week was to spend as much time as possible at the seaside taking it all in. Pure vitamins.

Lanzarote is a small island surrounded by the Atlantic, so wherever we went, the ocean always appeared there at the horizon at some point of the day. Over the week, we spent many wonderful hours sitting in the sand, feet wet and sandy, watching the ocean dance in front of us.

We did so in different places, each stunning in its own way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Blog 17 Vitamin SEA-9

Enjoying the sun setting in Playa Honda while having a wonderful dinner together with my beloved father-in-law. Thank you so much for having us! Merci tuusig, Roland!
Blog 17 Vitamin SEA-10
Another boring sundowner 😉 in Arrieta.

As it is with vitamins, you can’t accumulate them in your body, you HAVE to ingest them on a daily basis. No wonder that after two weeks without vitamin SEA I feel oceansick!

So here is one last video from me in order to at least see, feel, hear, and dream of these vital vitamins.

Just today I stumbled over a list of books that ocean lovers might be interested in. I have not really gone through it yet, but the books may help ease that sickness or make it even worse… Of course, there are also some very serious issues in terms of our blue planet to worry about, i.e. food for thought is certainly included in that list. See for yourself: Ocean Conservancy’s book recommendation for ocean lovers.

Of course, there are also an unknown number of songs around the ocean and the love for it. Here is just a little earcandy in different languages for you. Maybe we can also take in vitamin sea like that. Who knows?

Now, this should save us ocean addicts. Wow, I just found a 10 hours video with relaxing oceanscapes by BBC Earth. Wow, I am speechless. You literally dive, sleep, and relax at the same time with your mouth wide open. Enjoy!

I wish you all the vitamins you need, a good night sleep, soulmates around you, and sweet ocean dreams.

With sea love,


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  1. Ooooh, what a blast we had, dearest!
    I enjoyed every second of it… our trips through the stunning volcanic landscape, our amazement at nature finding ways to grow even in the harhest conditions, the hours and hours we spent sitting on the beach and absorbing the calming and healing powers of the ocean, listening to the waves, marveling at the colours and the sounds, our windblown photoshoot on top of a cliff… I loved all of it, even the aftermath of the humongous Gofio dessert wih Bienmesabe (I still can’t wrap my head around how I almost ate the whole thing) or our ride with the “coche grúa” . It was an amazing adventure, thanks so much for sharing it with me. Let’s do this again soon. Let’s sit by the sea and just “be”.
    For this is what the ocean means to me. It is the very essence of being. A coming and going, a pulsing and breathing lifeforce that cannot be controlled… and this thought makes me very calm, it gives me peace through and through. Sitting at the beach and listening to the waves, observing the tide coming in or going out, a part of natures cycles and the earths universal breathing… it makes me very still and quiet inside. I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to go anywhere, I can just be.
    Preferably with you.
    Love, Alexandra

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    1. Daniela says:

      Thank you Alexandra! Yes, we will do it again somewhere on this amazing planet Earth. Now, enjoy the being where you are right now 😘✨😘. Abrazo, Daniela


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