Lush, lusher, the lushest

What a privilege these days thanks to modern technologies to be able to write this new story while sitting at the edge of a river breathing in air filled with summery warmth and being refreshed after a bath in it. I am out of reception, though. Yes, thankfully, this still exists!

Grey heron, different species of butterflies, dragonflies, and even a European kingfisher hang out here with us. Just a mere 20 minutes bicycle ride from home in the city.

While the river is flanked by forest and as such the scenery comes in varied green tones as well, I actually wanted to finally take you to the Canton of Jura. Remember the postcard I sent you?

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel,
Cows with a view

Thus my title. I think I have never seen something as lush and freshly green as this area in late spring, even though I hiked in rainforests on different continents, did my Master thesis in the biggest coherent pine forests of the Alps, drove hundred of kilometres through spruce forest in Sweden, walked trough the Valley of the Giants in Western Australia and the Giants forest in California. Never before did I feel like bathing in the lushest and most freshest #fiftyshadesofgreen. Maybe I just also was really in the mood for that green colour. Such a stupendous experience and a miraculous balsam for the soul.

What is your favourite colour right now?

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel, switzerland
Hiking along the river Doubs

As with where I sit to write this post, there were also a lot of demoiselles (a species of dragonflies, Calopteryx virgo) along the Doubs. They beautifully dance around the river bank. Have a look:

Blog 18 Lushest-4
Did I say green? Fitfyshadesofgreen!
Blog 18 Lushest-6
Okay, green and some brown there.
Blog 18 Lushest-5
Isn’t green and blue a combination to fall for?

The Canton of Jura comprises a hilly and forested area and is situated in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. Agriculture is a challenge in such topography, and nowadays when everything has to be profitable to the maximum and beyond, this seems to remain one of the last regions where the density of humans at just 87 per square kilometer in 2016 stays lower and with that the amount of concrete, roads, cars, shops, noise, rubbish… In contrast, almost 10 times more humans live on a square kilometer in Zurich – 860 people.

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel, switzerland
Lady Bird also enjoys a view and a natural sound backdrop :0)

No need to say that I fell asleep while hearing birds sing, insects chirp, and cows’ bells ring. In any way, you will see more cows and horses in the Franches-Montagnes (Freiberge in German) – as the area is famously called – than humans. A beautiful way of exploring it is therefore on the back of a horse. Not any horse, but the last original Swiss breed of horses: the Freiberg Horses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jura Tourism is your entry point, I guess, be it for horse riding, what to see, where to stay, what not to miss, and much more. Visit them here.

Horses and cows are FREE roaming in places with a herder (you will see him walking away at the end of the video in the very background) checking on them on a regular basis. See the animals roaming free here and also look at that inquisitive foal :0):

Blog 18 Lushest
Even architecture almost disappears in the lushness
Blog 18 Lushest-8

I leave you with one last green image of the amazing viaduct in St-Ursanne, that blends quite perfectly with nature around it.

ladybird, earth, exploring, daniela, mühlheim, danielamühlheim, nature, photography, travel, switzerland

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  1. hansruedi says:

    Hallo Daniela, merci für Deinen neusten Blog aus dem Jura. / ich finde das mal deutsch geschriebene gut, / das schwizer dütsch gesprochene, ( erzählen ), noch etwas improvisiert,
    und zu lang. / den text solltest Du vielleicht vorher ca 2 mal auf band sprechen, / und stichwort artig auf papier aufgeschrieben haben. / jetzt kommt das etwas holperig rüber.
    es ist interresant Dir uf Schwizerdütsch zu zu hören. / ich weiss aus Votrags- erfahrung,
    in der Meisterschule in Winterthur 1977 hatte ich 14 erwachsene Männer ( kritische )
    Schüler und den Psychologen als Lehrer. / es wurde ein Video gedreht. ca 3/4 std. Vortrag,
    nachher ca 1/2 std / positives / negatives diskutiert. / glaube mir Daniela, damals habe ich geschwitzt. / und mir gesagt, vor vielen Menschen auftreten und reden halten wird nicht meine Berufung werden./ / aber ich möchte Dich aufmuntern weiter zu machen mit erzählen
    von erlebten geschichten.
    Die Videos von den Pferden und Fohlen sind grossartig, wie sich das Mutter tier Dich fotografin anvisiert und dann das Fohlen zu Dir kommt, etwas einmalliges. / dies zeigt
    welches Vertrauen diese Tiere zu Dir zeigen. Bravo grosse Klasse von Dir,
    mann würde nicht glauben das Du im Wohnblock und nicht auf einem Bauernhof um tiere
    herum aufgewachsen bist.
    Daniela mach so weiter ich ha Freude an Dir.
    ganz liebe Grüsse aus Kölliken,
    Din dady

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela says:

      Merci für deine Rückmeldung zum Audioversuch und dem Pferdevideo. Es ist gut zu wissen, wie sie bei dir angekommen sind. Es schöns Tägli!


  2. Jacqueline Schneebergere says:

    Dein Blog finde ich sehr gut

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela says:



    1. Daniela says:

      Thank YOU 🙏🏼!


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