Greetings from Klöntalersee

Ahhhh, surrounded by green and blue.

My soul and body need both on a very regular basis. I actually crave for it everyday and that is why we are planning on having it whenever. Green forests, blue water. I do love deserts, too, though. It is nature with her sounds, her rhythm, her calmness, her seasons, her learnings, her beauty, her colours, and her rawness, that sparks my fire within.

What makes your heart jump?

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These are sceneries from around the Klöntalersee.

At one end of the lake, the forest is damp from the rain during the night and because the sun hardly warms this part up in September. It is there that I encounter something I haven’t before, froglets wherever I step! I know this kind of splash of animals from grasshoppers early in the season when they are in their first larval stages and therefore occur close to each other as they are not yet moving far away from where the clutch of eggs was. But froglets in that number?

Literally, we have to watch every step we take and the froglets jump all over the place, some falling over when they reach the end of a fallen leaf ;-), some leaping in a real hurry, and others are rather walking or even climbing trees. They are still very small having the size of a finger pad. Moreover, the remnant of the tadpole’s tail can still be seen on its rear end. Look for that little hump on its back in the video I managed to do. The metamorphosis of amphibians is yet another astonishing wonder of nature!


To wrap this up I add another video for all of you and especially for those in desperate need (as I can deeply relate to) of some nature sounds, calming water movements and landscape candy, here you are :0):


Take good care of yourself, breathe deeply, listen to your heart, and spark that fire!

With love,


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