Delightful December

A warm welcome, dearest readers!

Many of you enjoy summer now, some of you experience warm temperatures and around twelve hours of daylight all year round, and a lot of us see the days rapidly getting shorter and the nights becoming longer at this time of the year.

That is why I thought to share a little collage of those long dark nights in December, which actually become quite sparkling and twinkling in our cities.

See some of Zurich by night

Then I stumbled over a very special calendar made by Action for Happiness on Facebook today. Maybe you know that there is this tradition of advent calendars where you open one window every day of December right up to Christmas eve.

Now the one I gonna share with you in a minute is slightly different in that the windows are already open and it lasts until December 31. But it truly adds to the spirit of love, togetherness, compassion, empathy, and self-care. It is the Kindness Calendar.

What’s more, I think it really is timeless as it also perfectly works for January, February, March, April, May, June, ……. you name it, everyday of every year.

Here is to a delightful December filled with warmth, kindness, candlelight, a swim in the ocean (the lucky ones 😉), hugs, calmness, sparkle all over, and gifts that truly matter!

Big hug,


P.S.: Action for Happiness has very cool calendars for every month of the year on their website. January for example is the Happy Calendar, June the Joyful Calendar, and October the Optimistic Calendar. Check them out!

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