An eye on grapevines in March

A month has passed in a twinkling of an eye since our first look at grapevines in February, don’t you think? Let’s see what this means for our grapes.

Not much of a difference compared to February, I guess. They are still sleepy, the buds also remain very small and are well protected from bad weather. But the undergrowth is greener and that is why sheep are now grazing within the vineyard and freely using the grapevines to scratch themselves :-).

That does not mean, nothing is happening… 

Wild little creatures have appeared from wherever they spent the winter for example. Spiders are magically hanging in the air or getting fit powerfully climbing their silk. Bees are busy collecting pollen, the small tortoiseshell (German: Kleiner Fuchs) is one of the earliest butterflies you can see as it overwinters as adult, and fire bugs (German: Feuerwanze) are already mating.

A warm loving female sand lizard Lacerta agilis (German: Zauneidechse) has also come to enjoy the March sun.

March is also a big happening for the cattle on the farm. While they can go outside whenever they please throughout the year, the juicy grassland is for obvious reasons not available year round. All the more they truly seem to enjoy the first access to it of the year.

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This little calf is only two days old when it joins the whole herd outdoors with mommy.

Grapevines March-26

To my surprise, it is a very curious little fellow and comes close to greet me.

Grapevines March-16

These are the pastures the animals can now enjoy.

Around the farm you will also find many high standing fruit trees: apple, pear, cherrie, plum, and quince. They are all also in winter mood when looked at from the outside. But the juices are running on the inside, let me tell you, and the trees are on the starting blocks. Come April and they burst into a wonder of bloom. Stay tuned for what is to come!

Grapevines March-32

Grapevines March-19
I had to add this second photo, even though, it is almost the same as above. Because yes, this huge cherry tree is really as tilted as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but still standing strong :0).

Remember that cosy spot under the linden tree from my first post on the grapevines? Almost still the same as well, but the snow has gone and you can enjoy the sun here a little longer already, while birds sing and some insects may fly around your nose.

Have a good one and please come back to see what April has in store for us. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Did you miss the first look at the development of grapevines in February? Enjoy it here: An eye on grapevines in February.

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