Happy Easter Bunnies

Like the bunnies you will see more of in a minute, I enjoy the spring air and my first brunch outside today. Hooray!

What is your favourite spring activity?

Being outdoors much more often, feeling the spring sun on my skin, plunging my nose softly into flowers to smell them, and watching the birds – especially “my” alpine swifts – flying above my head again, must be some of mine :0).

Have a listen when you go for a walk and be enchanted by the beautiful concert of all sorts of birds’ songs.

As we are amidst the long Easter weekend, I want to wish you a very happy and sweet one! Have fun, take good care and enjoy.

daniela, danielamühlheim, muehlheim, ladybird, exploring, earth, abundance, nature, easter, bunny

Relax and enjoy your loved ones.
Bye for now :0)! But don’t miss out on the fascinating awakening of grapevines and fruit trees in my next post. Coming soon… 




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