An eye on grapevines in April

So, here we are dear readers, plunging right into the natural spectacle that miraculously happens every year in spring in Switzerland: the awakening of nature. Of course, in this post, we again have an eye on grapevines on the Lindenhof farm, but not only, because way too much is going on there :0).

What a difference to what we saw in February and March! You may want to look at the posts on a split screen to enjoy and be even more amazed by the changes :-).

Grapevines’ buds have swollen a little bit by the first days of April and you see how they are still tenderly protected by what reminds me of a ball of wool. Through it, the first leaves are finely shimmering. Isn’t this pure magic?

Shortly after, the buds explode and grapevines start to grow.

It is mid April when the first leaves finally appear…

…with the undergrowth now also sprouting in greens and yellows.

Just a mere week later, the grapevines have grown several centimeters long and the first flower buds already appear. However, they won’t flower until June. So be patient and bear with me through May, which is still going to be another mind-boggling month in the vineyard. Promised.

What an awesomely refreshing and gentle fifty shades of green we witness in the vineyard at this time of the year.

Grapevines April-22

And what we enjoy also do the animals, I am convinced. Be it wild ones like the common buzzard (Mäusebussard), the peacock butterfly (Tagpfauenauge), the pair of true bugs (Wanzen)…

…or the farm animals.

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daniela, danielamühlheim, ladybird, nature, abundance, earth, explore, blog, switzerland, grapevine, farm
The stunning Lindenhof and its surroundings in April

As an organically managed farm, Kurt (steering the red tractor in the images) produces most of the fodder for the animals on the farm. The first grass bales are made here in April.

daniela, danielamühlheim, ladybird, nature, abundance, earth, explore, blog, switzerland, grapevine, farm

Trees undergo a tremendous change as well. The linden tree, for example. All three photos were taken in April!

And the cherry tree, of course. The perspective is not exactly the same, but the tree and the month of the happening are.

Are you still with me? Wonderful, thank you. I have one last thing in store for you. The transformation of the cherry buds into blossoms. Yet another wow, don’t you think?

Take it in, one breath at a time.

daniela, danielamühlheim, ladybird, nature, abundance, earth, explore, blog, switzerland, grapevine, cherry, tree

Grapevines April-55

Grapevines April-53
I always say that farmers have the most beautiful piece of land to live and work on.

Do you agree?

Thank you for being here today and enjoying nature the way I do through my lens. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to visit this farm again and again with my camera. Merci tuusig Kurt und Rita!

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