Warm greetings from tropical Kampala

A quick hello from the lush and tropical capital of Uganda.

As I get news that some of you are experiencing winter when it should be spring, I thought to at least pamper you with some digital warmth.

With African love,


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  1. These photos are so pretty!

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    1. So kind words, thank you very much 💝

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  2. Thank you for the digital warmth. It snowed in Nevada (the desert) this morning. Unreal and after this weeks unsettling weather I hope we can finally say hello to spring.

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    1. You are most welcome! Switzerland has also experienced kind of winter rather than spring while we were away. The weather should improve now, though. Wish you the same.

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      1. I heard that we are having an El Niño year and that would explain as to why the record amount of snow and rain. It’s almost June, it has to get better. Have a wonderful weekend.

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      2. Oh my, these changes are scary. El Niño is especially devastating. I hope spring makes it to the stage now. Thank you so much Rhapsody, I wish you warmth, sunshine, and send you lots if love 💝

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      3. Thank you so much, I think the weather is finally turning. Yay. Much love right back at ya and have a wonderful week. Hugs

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