Greetings from Weisstannen

Weisstannen is a pretty little Swiss village surrounded by mountains and boasting an arena you can see four spectacular waterfalls from. It is also an entry point to the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona.

Before or after you go on a hike, though, you can enjoy a refreshment in the almost 250 years old former post office. While you sip a homemade syrup and maybe indulge on a handmade meringue, you most probably can’t take your eyes off of all the charming items and details originating from days long gone.

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What’s more, a witch lives here somewhere… While they were considered as bad back in the old days, they nowadays are kindly spoken of as hedge witches (German: Kräuterhexen). The one in Weisstannen is a very knowledgeable one, who produces lotions, salves, teas, and oils with local herbs, some of which grow in the garden around the old post office. Her name is Gafarra and who knows you may meet her while buying some of her produce in the shop you also find in this historic house.

Now that you are ready, a three-hour return mountain hike takes you to Batöni – the waterfall arena. Wear suitable hiking boots as there is no transportation on witches’ brooms (German: Hexenbesen)! :0)

Which new places have you discovered lately?
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Happy exploring!


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