An eye on grapevines in September

The vineyard has become colourful. Its leaves show us that the days have a bit shortened, cool to cold night temperatures are the regular and mornings may come with dew.

We have arrived in autumn, dear readers, and the grapes are almost ready to be picked. Mid-September is the time many winegrowers start harvesting their grapes. On the vineyard we have an eye on since February, it will only take place in October. That means, we can enjoy this bountiful crop a little longer.

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daniela, muehlheim, danielamühlheim, ladybird, exploring, earth, abundance, grapevines, vineyard

You can now very clearly see which grapes are being used to make either white or red wine. Pinot Noir for example.

And each leaf is a natural artwork in itself, too. That is somewhere we human artists get our inspirations from. I love that fact.

In this vineyard, three different red wine grapes are grown and four white wines. Do you enjoy a glass of wine? What is your favourite grape? In which country is it preferably grown?

Have you noticed how the grapes are often quite hidden in the lushness of the leaves and also hang low at the bottom of the plant? Kurt, whose vineyard I visit here, sees winemaking in his very own and experienced way and works with nature as much as possible. Manual work plays therefore a crucial part.

Surely, you need to love this working space and to grow wine in order to endure the tough work grapes and wine-growing bring with them. The reward, at least, is a self-made glass of wine :0).

As a photographer and biologist, I have what I call “the chocolate job” in all of this. I can be outdoors, take pictures, play with the dog, talk to the cows and sheep, learn new things from Kurt and Rita, enjoy the view, observe wildlife.

In September I found some cute little critters. They are so often overseen but actually very essential for every habitat. And beautiful. Just look at their eyes and bodies. Delicate and fascinating, don’t you think?

daniela, muehlheim, danielamühlheim, ladybird, exploring, earth, abundance, grapevines, vineyard
Also look out for some flowers. Amazingly, September still boasts many jewels.

To wrap up today’s post, relish these images of the farmhouse.


Thanks for being part of the journey!

Have a good day,

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  1. Amorina Rose says:

    New to the site but loving your content. I have an Italian background and vines were a huge part of my life in in a surburban backyard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara, I highly appreciate your words, follow, comment, and being here! Italy 😍, you surely are full of gorgeous memories. How beautiful that my post reminded you of your life there. Vines and wine are huge in this country 😊. Warm greetings, Daniela.


  2. Amazing photography of a heavenly fruit… 🍷🍷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Maybe I could also do this for hop and barley 😉.
      I warmly invite you to see some of the other posts to be surprised at just how big the transformation of this heavenly fruit and plant looks like over the seasons. Have a good day 🎉.


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