Greetings from the Engadin

Autumn is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere and the Engadin in Switzerland transforms into a unique spectacle now.

Forests mainly consist of conifers here and they do not let go of their needle-like leaves in preparation for winter as broadleaf (deciduous) trees do. But there is one species that does: the European larch (Larix decidua, Lärche in German).

So once temperatures fall and frost occurs during the nights and mornings, larch trees start to turn yellow in their treetops. A bright beautiful sunny yellow.

After a short while, forests come in patterns of dark green and sunny yellow. Just these two colours in the forest window. An awesome moment in nature’s circle.

Where larch trees dominate, the whole forest will be yellow at one stage, which I tried to witness this weekend. The temperatures were so warm until recently, though, that the natural changing of the seasons is two weeks behind in comparison.

Sure enough what I saw, hiked through, soaked up, and stood still for was mind-boggling in all its magnificence.

Here is a glimpse for you. Do you agree?

Enjoy the new season, whichever it may be for you, and let me know what you love about it in the comments.

Yellow autumn greetings,


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  1. Beautiful pics and they give a lovely feeling

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🍁🍂🍁. How wonderful that my pics transport that feeling 💫. Enjoy your day!


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