A time of stillness

My dearest readers

For some of us the festive season is in full swing and so are the holidays that come with it. I hope you are enjoying that time of year and indulging yourself in everything that nourishes your soul.

Mine is jumping and dancing of joy, wonder, and deep gratitude as I spend time in the stillness and magic of Finnish Lapland. It is so breathtakingly beautiful that everything feels like a real fairy tale to me and words can hardly describe what I sense right now.

I send you these impressions and wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. Take good care of you and each other and let some stillness in.

If you want more words from me today ;0), I warmly invite you to listen to the podcast interview (in English) Matt from Voices.earth recently made with me:


Happy and merry greetings,


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  1. Sartenada says:


    Thank you visiting to Lapland! Did you make a reindeer ride and met Santa? When in Finland, they are must! If you didn’t, then take a virtual tour:

    Reindeer rides and Santa

    Happy and safe travels!

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    1. Good morning
      Thank you for reading my post and your info. It is actually my second time in Finland and I paid Santa a visit back then in summer 🤩. Honestly, this time around Santa‘s village may be too busy for me. But let‘s see… Happy Holidays 🎄✨🎄.


      1. Sartenada says:

        Yup. We never visit this kind places when it is high season. I will search your summer visit, if I can find it.

        Have a wonderful day!

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      2. Thanks so much. My blog was not up and running when I travelled to Lapland in 2015. So there is no post about it (yet ;-)). As I also tell stories I experienced on past adventures, I might well bring it still and you reminded me that it actually is a very good idea ✨🌟✨. I will let you know when I do so.
        Have a lovely evening.

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      3. We went for a breathtaking snowshoe hike today. I am exhausted now, but, wow, it was mind-boggling!

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    1. Magical, really. It felt like THE best fairy tale, ever. Hope you had a wonderful festive season.

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