Act for a happier world

Hello in 2020!

Have you had a head start into this new year and new decade? I truly hope so. Looking at the world in these first days of 2020, one can see dire straits.

But I am deeply convinced that each of us can make a difference and light this world up with just a little effort. On a daily basis.

Gift someone with your smile, lend your hand randomly, take a pause to breathe, be kind with yourself, take a walk in the woods without any devices, talk to a stranger, stop to give way, send someone a postcard, dance as if nobody is watching, say something kind to people you meet, be grateful, say thank you, start a conversation with a homeless person, give something if you can, sing, enjoy a moment of meaning to you, ….

The fabulous movement and charity Action for Happiness lends us a hand by reminding us with a free monthly calendar to daily do good for ourselves and others.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama

You can download it here: What’s more, there will be a new one for February, March, April, etc. until December. Just visit their website to get the latest edition and help build a happier and more caring society.

For my German-speaking readers: Den Kalender und die Webseite gibt es auch auf Deutsch und jeden Monat erscheint ein neuer.

Positive change is desperately needed, don’t you think? And it starts within us all. There is so much we can’t control, but there are a lot of ways to contribute to a kind-hearted, amicable, splendid, and peaceful atmosphere within us and in the circles around us. Imagine the light and peace that radiates from all our circles, which little by little touch each other and overlap. Let’s do this. Let’s light up this world!

I wish you all an amazing, happy, and easy start in what may be the beginning into the work year 2020 for many of us. How better than “Say something positive to everyone you meet today” (Action for Happiness Calendar, January 6, 2020). Including you :0).

Take good care and thank YOU for all you are giving,


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  1. Sartenada says:

    Very nice & good ideas! I love it. Thank you.

    Have a good day!

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    1. My pleasure. Happy and healthy 2020.

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