What is meant to be

… will always find its way.

Isn’t that a wonderful quote by Trisha Yearwood?
What stories can you tell, that make this quote so true?

Following my post on making 2020 and the new decade a kinder, happier, and more mindful year and decade, I love to share a story with you today in that spirit and in that of the introductory quote.

One of my students, who I refer to as Malak to keep her incognito, came up to me once last year with an excited smile in her face and urgently wanted to tell me something.

Malak is Arabic and means angel. Let me introduce you to Malak a little bit. She came to Switzerland with her family and we met at the beginning of 2019, when she joined my class. I teach German to refugees.

Malak has a hard time ever since she had to leave her homeland. Not only does she dearly miss her mum, the rest of her family, her home, and her life there, but she also can’t stand seeing her home-country Syria in this horrific war, that does not seem to end. Furthermore, Malak and her family struggle to find an apartment to at last have privacy, quietness, and their own freedom back. A given for many of us, imagine living without it for years on end…. Fingers crossed the apartment will find its way this year.

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What is meant to be will always find its way. 

Shortly after we worked together in the classroom, Malak told me that heartfelt luck had finally come back into her life when she got me as her teacher. Awwwwww, so sweet. Malak reminded me of a wonderful life lesson: Just being who I am is enough to make a difference for someone.

Luckily, happiness also found its way to Malak later in the year. Here is her story.

Once upon a time, Malak found a handbag, full of everything we depend on these days, in a train. Mobile, keys, wallet, you name it. Immediately after leaving the train, she brought it to the lost & found bureau and left her contact details not expecting anything.

It did not take long, however, before a lady got in contact with her. Sure enough it was the lady who forgot her handbag in the train. Malak kind of saved her life and the lady was immensely grateful and wanted to thank Malak personally. She invited Malak for lunch.

Malak was nervous when telling me that. We talked about the ways we show our gratitude in such a case here in Switzerland and I encouraged her to be really joyous and to look forward to that meeting. She so deserved to be cheered. I asked whether she would be comfortable to receive an envelope with money as I was sure the lady would give her some. Malak nodded hesitantly and said okay she would accept it. She was more concerned about her German, though. No worries, I calmed her, you will be alright.

When the day came, she asked me spontaneously to accompany her so that I could help with the communication. Malak was very nervous and also a bit afraid. It was not possible for me to go and she quickly made a good colleague of hers from class hook up with her. He agreed and together they went.

The next day I saw a big big smile coming into the room. The lady was – of course – lovely. She is a Swiss and spoke German with them all the time, inviting Malak and her colleague for lunch, bringing her flowers and an envelope :0). The conversation went well and a language teacher was at no stage needed. Of course not!

daniela, muehlheim, danielamühlheim, ladybird, exploring, earth, abundance, happiness, luck

The money Malak received is now her talisman. She keeps it in a special place. Asking her several months later about it, she tells me that she uses it, when absolutely needed, but places a new bill back.

The icing on the cake of this story is that the lady is an archaeologist and personally knows Syria from travels and works long before the war broke out. I think this is the quote in this post’s caption really playing out, don’t you agree?

Malak now has a warm-hearted Swiss lady as her friend, who also knows Syria. So much love and connection there and an amazingly beautiful bridge for Malak between her homeland and her new home. I have goosebumps when thinking about this “coincidence”.

Despite the lady living quite far away from Malak, she makes time and space to meet Malak regularly. Late last year, the lady also fulfilled Malak’s wish to come and say hello to me. Malak desperately wanted us to meet :-).

I am just so happy for Malak. It is not easy to make friends in a new place, let alone with locals when you are only just learning the language and live in a so called refugee camp.

Here is the last update I got: Malak and her whole family were invited by the lady and her husband to enjoy a three-hour boat trip with lunch on a lake over the festive season. They were over the moon and had so much fun together as I could clearly pick from Malak’s excitement and see in the many photos she took.

Simply beautiful and truly heart-warming. May they enjoy themselves on many more occasions and celebrate their friendship forever.

May peace find its way to Syria and beyond.

May the right people always find their way to each other.



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  1. What an amazing and wonderful story. With all the bad things you hear in the world today, it was nice to read such a sweet story like this. Thank you for sharing it as it warms my heart!

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    1. Oh Diane, you are so very welcome. It is my heart‘s greatest wish to share the beauty and wonders I am lucky to see and experience with you and the world. And it fulfills my heart to read that I manage to get the sweetness there is on our planet across. Thank you so much for reading my blog and taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings with me. I am truly grateful 💖💝💖.

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