Two years of blogging

Two years ago, we would never have thought, let alone dared to imagine, that something like what we see and experience in the world right now would ever be possible.

The coronavirus made the human madness stop in the blink of an eye. While I truly hope you are all safe and sound, coping reasonably well with this new and remarkable situation, I trust that the coronavirus is here for a very good reason. It not only stops us from craziness for example but also makes very clear that we are all equal and interconnected.

#weareinthistogether is a popular hashtag in social media these days. The point is, I think, we are in everything together. Always. Be it economy, poverty, climate change, illnesses, globalisation, extinction of species and habitat, war, migration, inequality, whatsoever. Therefore, it is #WeAreInEverythingTogether for me.

My deep hopes are that we learn the surely many lessons, coronavirus brings with it, for good. From my point of view, there must be fundamental changes to how we live on this planet together.

Can you already see positive things brought to your corner of the world by this global crisis? Please share them as we all love to read about hope, love, positivity, and change happening.

Two years ago, I published my first blog post ever and I could not have imagined the journey either. Today, I am utterly grateful for what Lady Bird has become. It is YOU I dearly appreciate, your time, your interest, your being here, your following, your comments, your likes, your coming back. Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Gratitude also fills me for the fact that has become a unique treasure. A cosy place where I can connect with humans all over the world, show and talk about the beauty and abundance of our lives on planet Earth, where we can sit back whenever we want and indulge in the many photographs and stories. This is my 90th blog post by the way :0). Hooray!

Today, I celebrate. At home.

Cheers, dear readers, and here is to many more adventures! For now within our homes, on our balconies, in our gardens, and if still possible in the close surroundings.

Nature is here and spring takes place all the same in the Northern Hemisphere. We mostly stay at home, but once or twice a week we go for a stroll in the woods, which luckily is allowed in our lockdown, and then we dive into the awakening of life. Here is a little greeting card especially for all of you who can’t go outside now.

daniela, muehlheim, danielamühlheim, ladybird, exploring, earth, abundance, flower, spring,

Keep looking out your windows into the sky, as more and more birds are returning now. Among them are my beloved alpine swifts, woohoo, barn swallows, house martins, and many more. Better still, open the windows and listen to the many birdsongs and sounds, which in Switzerland may come from birds like robins (Rotkehlchen), blue tits (Blaumeise), great tits (Kohlmeise), starlings (Stare), house sparrows (Haussperling), chaffinches (Buchfink), black redstarts (Hausrotschwanz), blackbirds (Amsel), wood pigeons (Ringeltaube, sie singt “Suurchrutruedi” ;-)), white wagtails (Bachstelze), goldfinches (Distelfink), ravens (Raben), crows (Krähen), magpies (Elster), red kites (Rotmilan), common buzzards (Mäusebussard), kestrel (Turmfalke), and if you are as lucky as we are, from a kingfisher. An array of insects starts to be on the fly as well, when temperatures rise. I already saw various flies, brimstone butterfly (Zitronenfalter), small tortoiseshell (Kleiner Fuchs), wild bees, kissing bug (Raubwanze), ladybug :0) (Marienkäfer), a wasp.

You see, with a little luck, life comes to your window and balcony in this extraordinary spring time 2020. I wish you so!

Take care and look for the little wonders.

Warm regards,

Daniela aka Lady Bird ;0)

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  1. Iyonawan Hauser says:

    Your Words around #weareineverythingtogether come directly out of my heart, thank you Daniela! Nevertheless I currently can’t stop from being sad and feeling helpless for all the people who were already struggling in their daily life like a simple Riksha driver in Mumbai or a young family with the 13 old year first born with a pneumonia and a new born aside stuck in Moira, Lybia or the woods right after the Spanish border.
    Let’s hope that this crisis really makes us more open for completely new ways of a living together as one human race ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela says:

      Dearest Iyoni, I know 😔 and I feel you 💖💞💖.
      I think it is human and okay to feel sad and helpless in times like these. I do, too.
      But I also came to learn that we can‘t take the world on our shoulders.
      We shall keep on breathing deeply, connect with Mother Earth, send negative thoughts onto cosy clouds, and give our light the permission to shine. The energy of that light spreads wherever you are, combines with other shining lights and who knows how far that delightful energy can get…
      We surely also have to trust the process and keep our hopes high that the coronavirus is a desperately needed gamechanger sent our way. And that humanity will come out of this more warm- and open-hearted willing to change the way we share lives on this planet together.
      Love 💝


  2. Happy blogging anniversary! I hope you’re keeping safe and healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela says:

      Thank you so much. Yes, doing my best to staying healthy. Take good care, too.

      Liked by 1 person

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