A new chapter

Here is to a new chapter 🥳. Happy New Year! A Happy and Healthy 2021!

May we fill it with our heart wishes, with trust in our journey, and with many awe-inspiring moments.

May we fill this 365-pages strong book with love, fun, awareness, playfulness, smiles, creativeness, and care for ourselves, others, and the planet.

Let us stay safe and spread as much kindness as we can in 2021.

With my warmest wishes,

The magical forest of Finnish Lapland seemed perfect to me to be decorated with my golden wishes for you.

PS: Marvel at the extraordinary London‘s fireworks and lightshow to start 2021 with goosebumps, hope, and delight. Watch to the very end.

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  1. That was indeed very magical sight of snow covered trees decorated with golden wishes on them !Amazing Daniela💖

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    1. Awww, thank you so very much Dhirendra. So nice to read it was a magical sight for you.

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  2. Yes indeed it was a magical sight full of great messages to me that I was spell-bound for a few moments! thanks💖


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