Big generous hearts

“Good morning, Daniela, welcome back, we are so glad and happy you are back and teaching us again.” To this charming chorus of words and warm hugs I was greeted when returning to school on Tuesday after a two-week absence. To top it all off, one person surprised me with a big cup of my favourite coffee 🙏🏼. Read more

African Hair Style

As you may know, I am a keen traveller and actually have itchy feet in this very moment. But I am lucky to have the world or at least parts of it in my classroom. So I learn bits and pieces of other languages, cultures, dos and don’ts while working.

What do you learn at work?

The first word I normally want to learn from people with different mother tongues than me is thank you followed by hello. I remember many moments when I opened doors and hearts by just simply saying one of these words in their language. I also still see the smiling faces, mine included. The latter I rather feel than see, though ;-). Read more