Do you love to take pictures?

A little greeting from my neighbourhood

Hello my friends How are you at the beginning of this new month? Can you believe it is already November? Where did that year go? Today, I simply like to share some impressions of my neighbourhood while I am recovering from surgery (phew, so happy all went well and it now lies behind me!). I…

A stroll through Lavaux

Nestled at the Lake Geneva between Vevey and Lutry the Lavaux vineyards not only invite you to a glass of white wine but also to enjoy the stunning views. Surely, they are worth a visit every season of the year. Here you can indulge in the autumn nuances.

Autumn love from Blenio valley in Ticino

Come with me on a train ride through the longest railway tunnel in the world and end up in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. This is how easy you can move around here and find yourself not only surrounded by another language, but also by a different cultural atmosphere. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is quite…

Greetings from Klöntalersee

Ahhhh, surrounded by green and blue. My soul and body need both on a very regular basis. I actually crave for it everyday and that is why we are planning on having it whenever. Green forests, blue water. I do love deserts, too, though. It is nature with her sounds, her rhythm, her calmness, her…

Look, I am red

Lady Bird is bringing you some red Australian flower specks today! Australia is very famous for its unique and in many cases endemic wildlife. But plants are not short of these attributes as you may have thought when reading my yellow post. Did you know, for example, that most eucalypts, even though they are grown…

Thunderstorm up in the sky

What started out as a comfy summer me-time on the picnic blanket in the shadow under a tree this afternoon ended quite impressively in a fast pedalling home with my two-wheel-drive that is my bicycle. See for yourself :0).