Hello dear and welcome!

My name is Daniela Mühlheim and I am the lady behind the bird. I hope you enjoy these facts about me.

✿ I am a biologist and German teacher by profession and a nature lover, traveller, photographer and curious human being at heart.

✿ I am a summer type, even though I was born in February, which is in the middle of winter in Switzerland.

✿ My feet are most happy when barefoot either walking on sand in the surf or in flip flops.

✿ My passion for exploring and photography takes me around the corner and around the world. I also proudly own a life-long ticket to discover my inner world.

✿ Nature is my inspiration, my spiritual home, and my source of strength.

✿ I took up photography, when I was a young teenager. I was presented with my first own camera – a SLR Minolta – when I was 18 years old. Kodak film rolls were en vogue back then. Today, I am 44 and Nikon is my choice.

✿ We are childhood sweethearts, my husband and I, in love since we were 16 years old. We share a lot. Obviously. The love for each other, for nature, for the great outdoors, for biology, for exploring the wilderness, for hiking, for traveling, for Africa and Australia, for (Italian) food, for watching a wild animal in awe, for sustainability, for the wellbeing of humans, and for the ocean. I am truly grateful.

✿ I also dearly love my soul sister, my #BFF I went to primary school with, all people close to my heart, and rainbows, waves, the Eighties, dance movies, alpine and common swifts, candle light, vast landscapes, freedom, and colors.

✿ I am a strong believer in the wisdom of indigenous people and alternative medicine.

While working in environmental education for several years trying to “educate” people, I came to the realization that it is all about mindfulness for me. In being mindful towards ourselves, nature, other humans, every living creature actually, and the inanimate world, we own the key for our and the planet’s survival. For the most important fact I learnt during my studies is that we are all interdependent and interconnected.

With this blog I would like to take you with me on my past and present explorations of the earth’s abundance. Maybe the stories touch your heart, give you joy, are food for thought, let you discover something, or just simply fill a mindful moment of your day. Whatever it is, I give thanks for your being here and taking the time to read what I share with the world.


Daniela Famara 2017
Happy feet, happy Daniela ;0)