Yellow the second

Yellow 102

Hello, here we go again, exploring some yellow around the world. But first of all, I would like to ask you: Have you seen and found some things yellow since reading the first part of this post you would not have thought of? Curtains, mugs, underwear, glasses, advertisement, toothbrushes, drinks, fancy cakes…

As promised in my last post, Sulphur-crested cockatoo let me fly to my beloved continent Down Under on his back and here we are now on a continent where things seem a bit different than elsewhere. Especially, when it comes to the wonderful natural world of Australia. Many species are endemic – meaning they originally only occurred in Australia – and they look quite special, too. Whats more, I found some in yellow for you to enjoy!

Acacias or wattles as this family of flowering trees is called boast more than 700 species. Most of them are native to Australia as are the following. Banksia


Showy Banksia
What looks like a bunch of cotton buds nicely arranged is actually the flower of Banksia speciosa, the Showy Banksia

Australian signs are particular, too. You have to be aware of animals, of course, especially during nighttime. But the road can also be used as an airstrip for airplanes of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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Going through these images, recalling the journeys, and diving into memories, I am getting homesick, but I am also grateful at the same time for the collection of treasures I have in form of photographs and stories. I am sure you will have more to read about this part of the world on my site in the future.

Shall we move forward? No, let’s have an ice cream first. In the middle of nowhere, kinda.
I know, the ocean in the background has a colour that blows your mind, at least it does so with mine. But since I chose to talk yellow…. I gotta stick to it, sorry ;-).

So let’s fly on to another spectacular continent on Planet Earth: Africa. Just a small impression here yet again. And it starts with money, for it also comes in yellow. Does your country have yellow coloured money? Switzerland has, Australia has, and Uganda has.

Money money money
Money money money. These are close to three million Ugandan Shillings worth US$ 500 (in 2016). This is how millionaires probably count their petty cash.

In Namibia you do find flowers that imitate elephants, can you see it below? It is such an experience to see the desert come alive after rains in this breathtaking country.

The sun is the biggest thing yellow. Sunsets and sunrises. I never get enough of them, do you? I have several hundred images…. more of sunsets, though. Most probably because I am a lady bird and not an early bird.
Only one of the following is a sunrise, do you guess which one it is? They are a choice of pictures I took in Botswana and Lanzarote. The latter is actually closer to the African continent than it is to Europe, that is why it may well appear here.

Then there is nothing more beautiful than smiling humans. If they wear yellow it is even better for they appear in this post now :0). I wanted to finish with this picture as I am sure it will go straight to your heart, but then I have to go back to Europe for now. Remember, you can always scroll up again and enjoy their smiles for as long as you want. They were and I hope still are members of staff at Humura when I had the pleasure to be in stunning Uganda. Rest assured that you will find smiling faces wherever you go in this country.

Webale nnyo for your warm smiles and service!

Alrighty, leave the warmth of the Tropics and wrap it all up with some European yellow.

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This was it, I guess. I hope you enjoyed the many yellow impressions and you may find yourself relaxing in a yellow meadow from time to time.

Thank you heaps for visiting!

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  1. Liebe Daniela,

    Wie schon beim letzen Yellow-Post bin ich komplett fasziniert von den wunderbaren und vielfältigen Bildern und Erlebnissen, die Du hier mit uns teilst. Und wieder habe ich ganz viel gelernt, sei es über Pflanzen (ich möchte am liebsten über die Banksia speciosa streicheln, um zu erfahren, ob sie so weich ist, wie sie aussieht), über australische Schilder (die ich einfach cool finde), italienische Kleinautos (jöööö!), Strandkörbe an der Nordsee und Geld aus Uganda und vieles mehr. Es ist so ein Genuss auf auf allen Ebenen, wenn ich mitlesen darf, welche Schätze Du hier auspackst. Danke für diese virtuelle und farbenfrohe Reise.
    Herzliche Grüsse,


    PS: Gelb finde ich übrigens überall in meiner Umgebung… ganz unmittelbar neben mir beispielsweise die Sofakissen, die Kerze auf unserem Tisch, mein Geldbeutel, das Spielzeugauto vom Kleinsohn, Buchrücken, Schoggiettiketten… jetzt wo Du mich drauf aufmerksam gemacht hast, sehe ich es überall. Mein liebstes Gelb ist allerdings das, welches ich draussen in der Natur entdecken kann… oder in Farbtuben im Atelier. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Liebe Alexandra
      Danke von Herzen, dass du dir die Zeit nimmst, hier einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Und für die vielen wunderbaren Worte, die du an mich richtest. Sie füllen mein Herz.
      Nun, ich könnte dir verraten, ob die Banksia weich ist oder nicht, aber vielleicht möchtest du das irgendwann selber erfahren und dich überraschen lassen. Ich hoffe es!
      Meine Schatztruhe ist tatsächlich gross und es gibt noch so viel zu entdecken. Immer wieder kommen auch neue Schätze hinzu und ich bin äusserst dankbar und froh, diese jetzt auf meiner Seite auch mit anderen Menschen zu teilen. Es ist mir eine so grosse Freude, dich und andere damit zu erfreuen, zu berühren und zu faszinieren.

      Gelb, sie ist ja wahrlich so allgegenwärtig, diese wunderbare Farbe. Ob andere auch so oft vorkommen? Vielleicht gibts mal einen Pink Post ;0).

      Ganz herzlich

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved the pictures!! My favorite was the cockatoo! Where I live the only place we see them is in cages!


    1. Thank you Diane. Unfortunately, I do also not live where you can see them quite often, which is in Australia. But I would hate to see them behind bars.

      Liked by 1 person

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