Reach out – from your couch

Hello everyone out there

How are you in these demanding times of the coronavirus?

A lot of my time is spent online right now, be it on news apps or social media or WhatsApp. These historic times are still so intangible.

What I see in the online world now, however, reminds me so much of a touching experience I made loooong before the coronavirus. Today is a good day to share it with you.

Commuting home one day several months ago, I sat in the same compartment as a mama and her little son. Once again – as in the story “Of chocolate and cake” – I was having my lunch and this time around the boy became interested in it. I started talking to him explaining what I was having and asking whether he was also hungry. He was a little older than a year and talked to me in his fascinating language, i. e. with his body, face, and some sounds. Mama double checked on his hunger and his answer was yes, so she gave him some biscuits, which he immediately wanted to share with me.

I tried to convince him that I was fine with my potatoes and veggies and that he can enjoy his food while I am eating mine. We shared a meal time and all three of us were happy with a smile in our faces. We kept on munching.

After I finished eating, I had a sip from my water bottle. Guess what?

Yes, the little boy was thirsty as well. Mama was amused and gave him his little drinking bottle, which he also naturally reached out to me with. I took it this time and thanked him. Then I gave it back to mama behind the stroller. He looked astonished, indeed, when it was gone from my hands.

Now, we were in play mood starting hide and seek with the bottle. The boy was not sure what was going on when the bottle was suddenly gone and cracked with laughing when I made it appear again. We had so much fun!

Some of the best part of this story was about to happen when an African mama and her daughter at about the same age entered the train at the last station before the terminal stop. The mama in my compartment had started to prepare her baby boy and the stroller for the getting off the train. She turned the stroller around and the two babies got in eye contact with each other.

They started a conversation of their own as far as I am concerned. Much the way as we have seen in the movies “Look who’s talking” (Guck mal, wer da spricht). I observed them with delight and felt the innate connection.

When we arrived at the terminal station, their mothers were busy leaving the train with their children. It can be a hassle as people are in a hurry all the time here and might be unfriendly to someone who stands in the way just a second too long. So unfortunately, these mothers were probably too focused on getting off and did not realise what their precious babies were up to.

Cos these two were reaching out to each other with one of their hands, when they were moved closer to the exit in their strollers by their mothers. They came not close enough to touch each other, but for sure this was their intention.

Watching it, warmed my heart. Their gesture was so natural and of course I would have loved for them to touch each other’s hand.

I share this story today, because I right now see people reaching out to each other again – of course with the distance we all have to abide to now. It happens thanks to a crisis, we do not yet know how to handle, except for staying at home. So in a time when social distancing and self-quarantine is an official order, we finally come back to honestly connect with each other much more often and much more natural. Thank goodness.

Listening carefully to our hearts, watching young children, and being confronted with such a global crisis, we realise again that this is innate. It is innate to reach out to each other including to so called complete strangers, for in the universal energy of love and our hearts pulse, nobody is a stranger but rather another human being on the same planet.

My heartfelt hope is that despite the crisis we are in, the coronavirus brings about profound and positive change for Mother Earth, which we have always been part of, one part of.

If you go online, look for the positive news. You can find so many inspiring and uplifting stories happening in these very moments. Some will also make you laugh. Don’t forget to laugh in all of this. Laughter is good for your health, after all.

Please share those soul soothing stories with all of us in the comment section below. Thank you.

Now. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay connected with your heart, and with others from your balcony, window or garden and via social media.

Big warm digital hug,


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  1. Sartenada says:

    Thank you for this great post. I think that you could be interested in the best link, which offers Coronavirus cases round the world. I use it many times during day to see how many cases in Finland:

    Stay safe and healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniela says:

      Thank you, but honestly I do not follow these numbers anymore. I stay at home and try to do the best with this situation. Stay safe and healthy as well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sartenada says:

        OK. . I just checked my link and did find, that during the last 24 hours, we got 2 new deaths. Now we have 3 total cases. Remember to wash your hands!


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